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this week’s gigs….

Fri. Aug. 15th - Matchworks Tavern - Mentor, Ohio

Sat. Aug. 16th - St. Joe’s Pinot Vista Tasting Room

Sun. Aug 17th - Kamm’s Cornter’s Farmer’s Market

Set aside the date November 22nd.  It’s a Saturday night and we are putting the band together for a night of old and new music.  Details coming soon… but this will be a great night of  ALEX BEVAN AND FRIENDS at the KENT STAGE!

GIve a listen to songs posted on REVERBNATION

You may have noticed my new sound rig at a live gig.  I recently aquired a LUCID  ULD Mark II speaker from the "Wizards of Slavic Village" at ATS Sounds.  This is one of the most impressive pieces of sound technology I have ever worked with.  It eliminates the need for a floor monitor, covers a 180 degree radius with pristine sound, allows me to sing without compensating for "hot spots" in the sonic image and is extreemly efficient in terms of power usage.  Did I mention it's weatherproof?  I you are thinking of investing in a PA please check these guys out… here's the link…..   http://www.atssounds.com/index.html


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I have no wings..I have no wheels…only these dreams I fasten to my heels…I have no wings…I have no road…only these songs to sing before i go…

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